The revolution is first in your mind, is to change your perceptions ;
the way you look at things.


June received her formative musical education at the Conservatoire des Landes (France) and finished her classical studies at the Conservatoire Hector Berlioz (Paris) 2001-2012.

Born Marion Monsegur, she began playing the violin early on, and appeared with local Orchestras. At that time she already had an idea of a sound, pure and warm, coming from the heart and able to stretch out, a sound she was very trying to reproduce with her violin.

Her love for music led her to take interest in other instruments such as guitar and singing. She performed amongst the academy’s choir and that’s when her vocal ability was first noticed by the choir’s conductor. She grew up very influenced by voices like Etta James’, Amy Winehouse’s, June Christy’s and Betty Carter’s. Watching Lauryn Hill aligning will and vision to her creative production made her want to stand out with her music and create her own identity emerging from soul, jazz, pop and hip-hop.

She moved to Paris when she was 17, and that’s when she started exploring musically, composing free structured-song at first and evolving closer and closer to finding her musical, lyrical and vocal style. She has been since then working on the creation of a musical piece that anyone could be a part of. Writing lyrics people can recognise and identify with but as well break words and meanings in order to evolve within her time sharing thoughts and reflections. Her lyrics are most of the time drawn from life experiences and present a personal and an emotional juxtaposition.

She moved to London in 2015 and changed her name to June B – she made her debut on the London jazz scene performing in venues such as Oliver’s Jazz Bar, Jazz Cafe Posk, the Urban Bar and amongst the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

On May 17th, her track “Sweet Soul” that was recorded during her first ever studio session was released on Youtube through Crystal Sounds’ channel under the name of “Eka June”. The track was made by UK producer Alex N Stewart, and jazz guitarist Alex Blake. It features former rapper Phoenix Da Icefire.

June’s first music video “Needu!” was be published summer 2019. It was composed by herself and co-produced by Alex N Stewart. She also presented her visual world alongside of the single, shot by Karol Jurga.